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Post by Admin on Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:03 pm

As you can guess nothing can work out if there's anarchy, so let's just make a few simple rules:

1.) At least try to not to swear. Everyone has a bad day every now and then but keep it at a min.
2.) ENGLISH ONLY in the forum. You can speak your mother-tongue in pms. And don't think that you'll get away with it if you insult someone in another language. I don't speak every language in the world but I understand at least the most spoken ones and for those i don't understand I still have a dictionary.
3.) At least try to be nice to eachother. You can't like everyone but that's still no reason to bish at everyone and everything. If there's someone you can't stand: Ignore him.
4.) Mod's and Admins are easy to be recogniced because they have a time in their name. Don't even think about creating an account like "1am" or something when you're not a mod or admin, I'll simply delete it and bann your IP.
5.) You may have max. 2 accounts on this forum. Don't even try to make more than two, they will be gone before you can say "Damn a mod got my multiple alt now I'm screwed".
6.) If you make a seccond account for some reason, say it in your profile or I'll use my admin-magic to make that one disappear too.

Well, I guess these rules shouldn't be too hard to accept.

Your awesome leader,


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